Fullmoon Party on Koh Phangan

Next Fullmoon Party Dates

25th October, 2018
22th November, 2018
22th December, 2018
25th December, 2018
31th December, 2018
21th January, 2019
20th February, 2019
20th March, 2019
19th April, 2019
19th May, 2019
17th June, 2019
18th July, 2019
15th August, 2019
13th September, 2019

The worldwide known Full Moon Party is one of major economic factors in Phangan's tourism industry. Depending on the season the monthly Fullmoon Party beach in Haad Rin is populated by more than 15.000 visitors.

Icreasing global fame that the Full Moon Party has already gained as giantic beach bashes worldwide, every year the scene seem to attract an ever-increasing number of party seekers, bringing their freinds and spreading the vibe.

Entry fee: 100 Baht
It used to be a free party ... until in 2009 the local mafia ... sorry "Haad Rin Business Asscosation" (they really named themself like this) started to collect this fee for "security" reasons.

That how the party looks like:
Last party 150.jpg Party Girls 071.jpg Party Girls 070.jpg Party Girls 076.jpg Last party 145.jpg Me and my friends 168.jpg Party Girls 077.jpg Me and my friends 135.jpg Last party 068.jpg Me and my friends 343.jpg Last party 084.jpg Last party 148.jpg Me and my friends 150.jpg Last party 149.jpg Last party 143.jpg Last party 081.jpg DSC01455.JPG Party Girls 069.jpg Party Girls 082.jpg Party Girls 074.jpg Me and my friends 354.jpg DSC01525.JPG Me and my friends 169.jpg Last party 147.jpg Me and my friends 174.jpg Last party 080.jpg Last party 083.jpg Party Girls 075.jpg Party Girls 073.jpg Last party 146.jpg Last party 079.jpg Me and my friends 177.jpg Me and my friends 115.jpg Me and my friends 223.jpg Last party 151.jpg Last party 082.jpg Last party 142.jpg

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